QDOS & SMS Reference Manual

QDOS & SMS Reference Manual by Jochen Merz
The QDOS & SMS Reference Manual builds on the information provided in the original QL Technical Guide and brings it up to date with corrections, information on the added calls and vectors included in the SMSQ/e operating system, as well the HOTKEY System II, the THING system and Level 2 device drivers.

There is even some information provided about the QDOS compatible operating system, SMS2. See Operating Systems for more details.

This was provided in an A5 lever arch folder, so that the pages could be updated with new information on an adhoc basis.

Title: QDOS & SMS Reference Manual
Author: Jochen Merz
Publisher: Jochen Merz Software
Year of Publication: 1984
Commercial Status: Commercial
Availability: Download QDOS SMS Reference Manual

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