Pyramide Disc System

The Pyramide QL Disk was manufactured by Dattel and intended originally for release by French company Direco, the rights to this device was acquired by French software company Pyramide.

This was a single drive system with its own disk interface, toolkit and 12V power supply. The system connects as an inline assembly to the left of the QL via the expansion slot. Connection of a second drive via a short ribbon cable is also possible.

This drive was a 360K 40 track double sided 3.5 inch unit.

The software supported French or English system prompts.

The toolkit is not quite the same as the usual Toolkit 2 style commands. The device name was "fld" in contrast to the more common "flp". Thanks to MO5.com we have some more images of the disk drive (as used by Daniel Macre when developing QL Vroom

Pyramide Dattel QL Disk System

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