Pyramide Logo Pyramide was a French software house, based in Paris, set up by Daniel Purlich in November 1985 to produce programs for the Sinclair QL, some of which were highly innovative, such as Mortville Manor, the first graphic adventure for the Sinclair QL (and possibly any home computer) and the infamous QL Wanderer which was played in 3D (with 3D glasses required).

Pyramide were profiled in the October 1986 edition of Sinclair QL World, at which point their catalogue included 13 titles in French and 6 titles in English. They also used a UK distributor - RIO Promotions Limited.

Pyramide produced various games for the Sinclair QL but did not last and many of its titles were converted for other computers by Lankhor.

The software published by Pyramide includes:

  • Clavier AZERTY (Toolkit to change AH, JM and JS ROMs to support AZERTY keyboard layout)
  • Graphic Toolkit (Range of additional commands for making the most of the QL's screen and graphics).
  • Illusions - MISSING IN ACTION
  • Mister Smith (Arcade game where you make bubbles to kill your enemies - MISSING IN ACTION)
  • Mortville Manor (Graphic Adventure set around solving a murder)
  • Nebula II - (Space trading game)
  • Nucleon (Set of programming utilities)
  • Othello (The classic board game in 3D)
  • Peintre (Icon driven graphics drawing program)
  • Super Croupier (Various casino games in one - MISSING IN ACTION)
  • The Designer (Computer Aided Design package
  • The Integrator (QL Front End - it may have been the same program included as part of Nucleon
  • Transferx (Drawing package - MISSING IN ACTION)
  • Tridim (3D Computer aided design - MISSING IN ACTION)
  • TortueLOGO (Implementation of LOGO Programming language - MISSING IN ACTION)
  • Troll (Role Playing Adventure Game Editor and Interpreter)
  • Vroom (Formula 1 Car racing game)
  • QL Wanderer (Space trading game in 3D)

They also produced a series of packages of small utilities and games, sold as Bag of Tricks - we have preserved copies of Bag of Tricks 1 and 2, but understand that there were 7 sets in total!

Pyramide also acquired the rights to a disk drive system - see Pyramide Disc System

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