Profiting from the Sinclair QL

Profiting from the Sinclair QL by Barry Miles
Profiting from the Sinclair QL is designed to help users get the most out of the Psion Abacus spreadsheet program supplied with the Sinclair QL.

Emphasis is placed on the practical business of making the computer do most of the work and exploiting the capabilities of Abacus.

A useful guide to take you beyond the basics, this book forms part of the QL Series of books, which formed the mainstay of many a QL'ers library in the early days.

Title: Profiting from the Sinclair QL
Author: Barry Miles
Publisher: Hutchinson Computer Publishing Company Limited (QL Series)
Year of Publication: 1985
Commercial Status: Commercial
Price as at August 1985: £6.95
Reviews: QL User (October 1985), QL World (December 1985)
ISBN: 0-09160-541-5

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