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  ====== Omega ======  ====== Omega ======
-{{qlwiki:omega_package.jpg?direct|Packaging for Sinclair QL Omega by Caret Computers}}\\ +{{packaging:omega_package.jpg?direct|Packaging for Sinclair QL Omega by Caret Computers}}\\ 
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-Unfortunately, there seems to be bug in this program we have tried both an early version compiled with SuperCharge, and a later version compiled with Turbo.  If you find an enemy and kill it, the program then just hangs+The program uses specific form of copy protection if the disk (or mdv1_) is not created with FORMAT 'flp1_'&chr$(10) the program hangs as soon as you kill bird (thanks to Martin Head's useful SuperCharge / Turbo de-compiler for figuring this one out!)
- +
- +
-Does anyone have version which gets past this?+
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