Oasis MADC12LQ

The Oasis MADC12LQ was a special version of the OASIS analogue to digital precision instrument, created by Peter Nelson Design Consultancy, and marketed by Oasis Products from Norwich.

The MADC12LQ was advertised in the June 1985 edition of QL User, at a price of £499 plus VAT, with versions also for the BBC Model B and Apple II computers from £399 plus VAT upwards. It is unknown what the QL version looked like, as the Apple II version is shown in the advert!

It could handle up to 16 channels.

The QL version included a hardware interface and data acquisition software on microdrive cartridge, which allowed export of the data for use within ABACUS. The QL was used to set up the number of channels required, change ranges, polarity and other settings, and then to initiate the scanning and process the returned data.

It is extremely rare.

Title: Oasis MADC12LQ
Interface Type: Analogue to Digital Convertor
Connection: Unknown
Through-Connector: Unknown
Manufacturer: Oasis Products
Year First Sold: 1985
Original Price: £499 plus VAT
Download Manual: Unknown
Accompanying Software: Unknown

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