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 + ====== Multi-DiscOVER ======
 +See [[qlwiki:DiscOVER]] page, as both were similar products and were originally covered in a single user guide document.
 + ----
 +Title: Multi-DiscOVER\\ 
 +Language: \\ 
 +Author: D J Walker\\ 
 +Publisher: [[qlwiki:PDQL]]\\ 
 +Year of Publication: 1988/89\\ 
 +Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs\\ 
 +Commercial Status: Commercial\\ 
 +Price as at 1989: Unknown\\ 
 +Reviews: Unknown\\ 
 +Sources Available from: n/a\\ 
 +Latest Version available from: Unknown\\ 
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