Miracle Systems

Run by Stuart Honeyball, Miracle Systems Limited operated in York and latterly in Yate, Bristol.

Miracle Systems produced a range of hardware expansions for the Sinclair QL, many of which remain the essential add-on for the native Sinclair QL user. Their range of products included:

Miracle Disk Expander
512K Expanderam
Gold Card
Miracle Hard Disk
Miracle Double Expander
Miracle Centronics Interface
Miracle Joystick Adaptor
Miracle Modem
QL Midi
QL Modaptor
Miracle Screen Dump
Trump Card
QL Disk Card
QXL Card
Super Gold Card

Their advert in QL User, December 1985, also referred to QL Mouse (please call). So far as we know, Miracle never released a mouse system for the QL. By 1992, Miracle had expanded and announced the addition of Noud Sneider (a Dutch engineer) to their staff. The same announcement talked about the forthcoming Graphics card (Masterpiece, although this was never released.

Stuart Honeyball also wrote the firmware for TF Services' Romdisq and was the designer who hand-drew the PCB layout for the Issue 1 Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

To complement the hardware, Miracle Systems also produced external dual disk drive units which made the most of the 1/3rd height 3.5" floppy disk drives available - these disk drives were produced in both DD (720K) versions and ED (3.2MB) versions.

Miracle Systems Single 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive Miracle Systems Dual 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive

Stuart Honeyball sadly passed away in 2018.

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