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-The interface had switch-selectable options via a series of jumpers to format single or double sided, and 3ms or 6ms track to track time.  Another jumper could be set to make the QL boot from an 'mdv' named disk.+The interface had selectable options via a series of jumpers or switches: to format single or double sided, to select between 3ms or 6ms track to track time and another jumper could be set to make the QL boot from an 'mdv' named disk.
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-{{qlwiki:microp_interface.jpg?direct&240x180  |Micro Peripherals QL Disk Interface}}+{{:qlwiki:micropfdktop.jpg?200  |Micro Peripherals QL Disk Interface}}
 Title: **MicroP Disk Interface**\\  Title: **MicroP Disk Interface**\\ 
 Interface Type: Floppy Disk Interface\\  Interface Type: Floppy Disk Interface\\ 
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