MEDIC Mouse Interface

The MEDIC Mouse Interface connected to the Sinclair QL via the QL's ROM port and allowed you to connect both a Mouse and an add-on Numeric Keypad at the same time.

The Mouse was available separately from Medic at an additional cost of £49.95, including the MPaint software.

The Numeric Keypad was also available from Medic for an additional cost of £29.95.

It is unknown if any of these ever made it into users' hands.

Title: MEDIC Mouse Interface
Interface Type: Mouse and Numeric Keypad Interface
Connection: QL ROM Port
Through-Connector: No
Manufacturer: Medic Datasystems Ltd
Year First Sold: 1985
Original Price: £14.95 (see above)
Reviews: Unknown
Download Manual: Unknown
Accompanying Software: Unknown

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