Super Media Manager

Media Manager is a program to help you manage microdrive cartridges, including some semi-automated recovery tools, similar to Cartridge Doctor.

Originally written by Colin Opie, it was later upgraded to handle disks and non-QL formats (BBC / Acorn DFS, CP/M 40 track disks and MS-DOS disks), and re-named 'Super Media Manager'.

Chas Dillon appears to have then re-written the program, and it was released in 1989 as 'Media Manager Special Edition' - although this version used a specific foreign file handling program (Xover by Stefan Schmidt) this handled Atari-TOS and MS-DOS disks and no longer supported BBC or CP/M format disks.

Chas Dillon has since made the SuperBASIC sources for the main program public domain.

Advertised features include:

  • Selective directory, copying and erasing of files
  • sector loading and viewing (cursor controlled)
  • Sector editing - HEX and ASCII input allowed. Automatically reports when mapping sectors.
  • Sector copying to sector, file, device etc
  • Viewing, printing or saving of drive map details
  • Automatic (semi-automatic on disks) recovery of deleted files
  • Bulk recovery of corrupt files to new files
  • Header block or disk type information display
  • Ultrafast string searching by sector or file
  • Full directory sort facility - by name, size, type, date etc
  • Control up to 256 microdrives or disks - directory of directories
  • Direct file copying from other disk formats (PC-DOS, MS-DOS, CP/M, Acorn DFS etc)
  • Sector copying to other disk formats
  • Text file translation utility - expands tabs, converts CR/LF to LF intelligently, converted files may be imported to Quill
  • Disk sector editing for both QL and non-QL format disks, with all the usual features
  • Full error reporting with automatic recovery
  • Hexadecimal calculator

Title: Media Manager
Language: Unknown
Author: Colin Opie and later Chas Dillon with Xover by Stefan Schmidt
Publisher: Digital Precision Ltd
Year of Publication: 1986
Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs and emulators
Commercial Status: Public Domain
Price in July 1987: £39.95
Reviewed: Unknown
Sources Available from: Media Manager Special Edition Sources
Latest Version available from: Unknown

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