Mathematics on the Sinclair QL

Mathematics on the Sinclair QL by Czes Kosniowski

Examines the use of mathematical signs including COS, ABS, AND, SGN in writing programs with specific reference to the QL. These mathematical utilities are illustrated in short programs which can be integrated into larger ones.

Topics covered include trigonometry, Pythagoras' theorem, lines of longitude and latitude, calculating distances, powers, number bases, codes and random numbers.

This book is mentioned in the July/August 1985 issue of QLUB News alongside Essential Mathematics on the Sinclair QL - it is unclear if this is the same book!

Title: Mathematics on the Sinclair QL
Author: Czes Kosniowski
Publisher: Sunshine Books
Year of Publication: 1984
Commercial Status: Commercial
Price as at June 1985: £6.95
Reviews: QL User (June 1985)
ISBN: 0-946408-43-2

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