This is a list of QL related websites. Some of them are by traders, others by enthusiasts.

Claus Graf Q40 and Q60 website Q60 designers' website
Daniele Terdina's QemuLator web pages QemuLator is a QL emulator for Windows and Mac
Davide Santachiara QL website Ergon Development is an Italian QL software house
Dilwyn Jones QL pages World most famous QL site
Dilwyn Jones QL documentation Site Replacement QL and hardware manuals etc
Github Sinclair QL Pages Various program sources for QL software
Jim Hunkins QDT etc website QDT is a popular QL desktop and GUI
Jimmy Montesinos pages with QLay2 and QL2K QL emulatory QLay2 and QL2K for Windows
Jochen Merz website German QL software dealer
John Sadler's website Scottish QL User Group and software download site, including Turbo compiler
Jonathan Hudson QL pages Web pages of this prolific QL software author
London QL group Malcolm Cadman's QL pages
Marcel Kilgus website QPC2 author
PROGS website Belgian QL software house
QDOSSMSQ Wiki Wiki about the Internal workings of the QL Operating Systems (QDOS, smsq/e and Minerva)
QL is 30 website The official website for the 30th anniversary of the Sinclair QL Professional Computer
QLvsJAGUAR YouTube video channel The biggest Sinclair related video archive on the web. More than 100 Sinclair, QL and general retro computer and gaming videos.
Quanta QL User Group The original QL user group, still going strong with access to a large library of programs and tools for users.
Repository of the Sinclair QL Preservation Project (SQPP) Rare document scans, software, pictures, photos, videos and movies prepared by Urs Koenig
RWAP Adventures QL and Spectrum Adventure Programs
RWAP Software A British QL and Spectrum trader
SBASIC / SuperBASIC Reference Manual Online The largest guide to programming the Sinclair QL
SellMyRetro A site to bring collectors, traders and users of retro computers together.
Sinclair QL Forums A user forum set up in 2010 to help users old and new share hints, tips and stories about the QL
TF Services Website Former British QL hardware dealer
Thierry Godefroy One of the main sources of free downloadable QL software
Wikipedia QL pages Sinclair QL pages on this well known Wiki!

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