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-More information on the author'​s website [[http://​www.dilwyn.uk6.net/​gen/​launchpad/​launchpad.html|http://​www.dilwyn.me.uk/​gen/​launchpad/​launchpad.html]],​ including a downloadable limited demo version you can try out before buying ​the full version.+More information on the author'​s website [[http://​www.dilwyn.me.uk/​gen/​launchpad/​launchpad.html|http://​www.dilwyn.me.uk/​gen/​launchpad/​launchpad.html]],​ including a download of the full version.
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 Year of Publication:​ 2003\\ ​ Year of Publication:​ 2003\\ ​
 Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs\\  Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs\\ 
-Commercial Status: ​Commercial\\  +Commercial Status: ​Freeware\\ 
-Price in July 2003: £20\\ +
 Reviewed: Unknown\\ ​ Reviewed: Unknown\\ ​
 Sources Available from: n/a\\  Sources Available from: n/a\\ 
-Latest Version available from: [[http://​www.ql-qvd.com/products.html|Quo Vadis Design]]+Latest Version available from: [[http://​www.dilwyn.me.uk/​gen/​launchpad/launchpad.html|Dilwyn Jones]]
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