Jürgen Falkenberg

Jürgen Falkenberg was a German based trader (trading as JFC or Jürgen Falkenberg Computer Technik), who produced a range of hardware and software for the Sinclair QL, including:

  • QLBus - an expansion bus, capable of handling up to 5 QL expansion cards
  • QLHDD - a hard disk interface which could work with either MFM or RLL hard disk drives, although it also needed a disk controller.
  • QLIIO Card - an intelligent I/O Card with a high speed A/D (8-bit 2 microseconds) and D/A converter (8-bit 1 microsecond) and 32 digital I/O lines.
  • JFC Scanner - a scanner which clipped onto the print head of an Epson printer
  • QLKeyboard90 - an AT / XT keyboard interface - see Keyboards
  • QL2000 - a tower cased QL using various bits of Jürgen Falkenberg technology
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