IQLR, or, The Independent QL Report magazine, was published for some time by Bob Dyl senior in the United States, and was available, by subscription only, every couple of months - there were 6 issues per year.

Bob, at Seacoast Services, had launched the International QL Report in 1991, and while it started off as a slim newsletter-style publication, mainly read by American QL users, it quickly grew into a QL magazine in its own right.

With the demise of Sinclair QL World, IQLR quickly became the main international QL magazine and its subscription base grew. Eventually, ill health forced Bob Dyl to give up the magazine in 1994/95, the final issue being Volume 5, Issue 6.

Volunteers - Bob could be very persuasive - wrote articles for the magazine, reviews of software, "howto" tutorials etc.

Back copies of the magazine are currently unavailable, however, Dilwyn Jones has an index of the magazine on the Sinclair QL Homepage in abacus and Excel formats.

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