internal 512K memory upgrade

Various companies offered to upgrade your QL with an internal memory upgrade.

This was normally 512K, but some companies also offered a 256K version.

The method of upgrade was in two ways -

  • Removal of the existing QL memory chips and replacement to give a total of 512K
  • An internal board, which connects to the 8301 ULA socket, and has a wire to the 68008 processor.

The downside of this method of upgrading the QL's memory was:
a) The memory access was slower than external memory
b) You could not use some of the later QL expansions, such as the Trump Card which themselves had memory built into the interface.

Internal interfaces were advertised by a range of companies, including CST, MicroPeripherals and Silicon Express

Unidentified Internal 512K Memory Upgrade MicroPeripherals Q-Mem Internal 512K Memory Upgrade

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