GST QC was an implementation of C for the Sinclair QL, with some differences from the full Kernighan and Ritchie definition of C and based on Small-C (in fact the dialect supported is based on Rat-C). In the early days was referred to by the name Small C although this name never appeared in GST's advertising.

QC adds comprehensive run-time libraries and allows assembler code insertions (ideal for optimisation of critical areas of the code), as well as listing control directives within the C source code. However, it does not support Structures (struct, typedef etc), floating point, or multi-dimensional arrays.

QC came complete with

  • C compiler to compile C source to 68000 assembler code
  • 68000 Assembler to translate 68000 assembler code to a relocatable binary
  • QDOS run-time libraries providing access to QDOS functions from C
  • Linker to link the library routines and the relocatable binary files
  • Screen editor for the creation and editing of C source code
  • Menu driven 'shell' to automate the compile/assemble/link process.
  • Window manager to change the size and position of program windows
  • Backup program for automatic microdrive or floppy disk backups

The output from the program includes a formatted printout of the generated assembler code with the C statements inserted as comments which was ideal for de-bugging.

As part of the package, QC included 'A Book on C' by R.E. Berry adn B.A.E. Meekings. Unfortunately the source code to the libraries are not included.

Title: GST QC
Language: Unknown
Author: Unknown
Publisher: GST Computer Systems
Year of Publication: 1985
Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs and emulators
Commercial Status: Freeware
Price as at July 1985: £59.95
Reviews: Sinclair User Aug 85, QLUB Issue 5
Sources Available from: n/a
Latest Version available from: Unknown

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