Giga Soft Mouse

The Giga Soft Mouse was one of the first mouse systems released for the Sinclair QL. This connected with an interface which plugged into the QL's joystick port (CTL1) (and unfortunately for power supply in the QL's ROM port) and provided a mouse with a resolution of 0.26mm

It came complete with both EASE (a desktop front end) and GigaBASIC a toolkit to allow you to create your own sprites and add pulldown menus to your own programs.

Title: Giga Soft Mouse
Interface Type: Mouse
Connection: Sinclair QL Joystick Port and QL ROM port
Through-Connector: NO
Manufacturer: Gigasoft
Year First Sold: 1985
Original Price: £49 + VAT
Download Manual: n/a
Accompanying Software: EASE and GigaBASIC

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