GAP Software

GAP Software produced the first Desk Top Publishing package for the QL c1987. Called Front Page and running in 128K on the standard QL. GAP went on to develop enhanced versions requiring expanded memory, Front Page Extra, 2 and 3. Run by programmer Peter Chambers, the company also got involved with sales of the CST Thor for which it produced special software including Office Manager.

  • Front Page - QL Desk Top Publisher.
  • Office Manager - Thor Front End. (Missing in Action).
  • Office Junior – cursor controlled, a collection of little utilities (guess we'd call them apps now). Font Designer. Join _doc files. Screen Trim. Convert screens to mono for Front Page. Split _doc files. Notepad. Deleter. Formatter. Read. Directory. Copy. Copy Ser. (Missing in Action)
  • Cusfile and Cashflow – Cusfile is a very simple card index style database. Cashflow is a basic spreadsheet for use with Abacus. The beginnings of GAP's software intended for the small business that does not have the time to plough through manuals before anything can be done. (Missing in Action)
  • Screenplay – a piece of software to help you design advertising displays on-screen to publicise your products and services at exhibitions, in shop windows,, on counters etc. You provide the screens then 'do things' to them with SCREENPLAY. (Missing in Action)
  • Blag – a police adventure, which was later updated to become Blag2.
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