Games for your Sinclair QL

Games for Your Sinclair QL by Peter Shaw
The book Games for Your Sinclair QL is a suite of 20 program listings for various games, to help improve programming skills as you type them in and learn from your mistakes and see how the programs were written.

The games include: Simon, 3D Driver, Life Change Units, Limerick, Clock, Guess Grandma's Age, Nimrod, Shooting Gallery and Sounds Familiar.

Edited by Tim Hartnell, this is a small collection of programs, which may not be that challenging from a graphics point of view, but do provide an insight into how to program the QL in SuperBASIC and in particular how to program games.

Title: Games for Your Sinclair QL
Author: Peter Shaw
Publisher: Virgin Books Limited
Year of Publication: 1984
Commercial Status: Commercial
ISBN: 0-86369-078-5

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