EPROM Services Printer Adaptor

The EPROM Services Printer Adaptor was a serial to parallel printer interface, which unusually had its own power supply rather than relying on the 5V from the QL's serial ports.

As with the Care Electronics Printer Interface, this version had an adjustable baud rate (default was 9600 baud) which was a useful innovation, as (without Minerva and SuperHERMES), both of the QL's serial ports operate at the same baud rate, meaning that you could not easily use a printer at the same time as other serial equipment (such as a modem).

The unit was said to be in a 'fully enclosed black box' with all cables supplied, and had "adjustable parity / bits per character (for other computers)" as well as being double input buffered so as to ensure no data loss.

Title: EPROM Services Printer Adaptor
Interface Type: Serial to Parallel Convertor
Connection: QL Serial Ports
Through-Connector: No
Manufacturer: EPROM Services
Year First Sold: 1985
Original Price: £38.95
Download Manual: Unknown
Accompanying Software: None

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