Elaborate Toolkit v4.00

The Elaborate Toolkit v4.00 is a selection of utilities by Andreas Hofbauer, Oliver Kastl and Eberhard Hoyer. It includes the following:

  • Intelligent Boot - which provides an automatic selection menu for all files on the same media that begin with "boot_". Handy for when you have different boot files for different system setups. It also allows you to set the QL time and also to limit the max RAM to 128k, for programs that won't run with more than the default RAM setup. The Intelligent Boot program is also used by the software to provide the initial menu.
  • Clone - enables you to copy individual files or multiple files from one Microdrive cartridge to another, or to floppy disk. It is also capable of copying the cartridge 'key' if required.
  • CartClone - Makes exact sector-by-sector copies of Microdrive cartridges.
  • Roar - facilitates the copying of ROM modules (e.g. Toolkit II, ICE etc) to removable media and allows them to be loaded from there. Handy if you need to load more than one additional ROM.
  • Rat - A program that enables the user to change the RAMtop.
  • Backup - A utility for copying the Elaborate Toolkit files over to floppy disk.
  • MacDis - a disassembler which is designed to primarily aid the cracking of programs you own so that they can be moved from Microdrive to floppy disk.

There is also a Quill doc which gives an overview of the utilities, plus a separate Quill doc instruction guide to the MacDis disassembler (both docs are in German). The programs themselves have prompts etc all in English.

Originally, according to the initial splash screen, anyone making illegal copies of the program will be hung and quartered! Fortunately that stark warning is no longer valid, as Elaborate Bytes have given permission in September 2020 for it to be shared freely.

Title: Elaborate Toolkit v4.00
Language: 68000 Machine Code and SuperBasic
Author: Andreas Hofbauer, Oliver Kastl and Eberhard Hoyer
Publisher: Elaborate Bytes
Year of Publication: 1987
Platforms Suitable for: Aimed at users of original QL hardware
Commercial Status: Free to distribute, owner retains copyright
Sources Available from: Sources lost to time
Latest Version available from: Search the qlforum

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