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  ====== Elaborate Bytes ======  ====== Elaborate Bytes ======
-We don't know anything about Elaborate Bytes apart from the fact that they were based in Germany and published the following programs in 1987+Elaborate Bytes consisted in the 1980s of programmers Andreas Hofbauer, Oliver Kastl and Eberhard Hoyer based in Munich, Germany. The company has since re-located to Switzerland, is known as [[http://www.elby.ch|elby]] and has moved on from Microdrive cloning software to publishing Windows software for cloning DVDs and Blu-Ray disks. In 1987 they are known to have published the following programs for the QL :
 +  * [[qlwiki:Elaborate Tools V4.00]] - a selection of tools including a boot file selector and means to clone cartridges/transfer content to floppy disk.
   * [[qlwiki:QPEDE]] - a centipede game.   * [[qlwiki:QPEDE]] - a centipede game.
-  * [[qlwiki:MacDis 68008 Disassembler]] - a machine code disassembler+  * [[qlwiki:MacDis 68008 Disassembler]] - a machine code disassembler (also included with the Elaborate Tools V4.00, above).
-Any more information is of course welcome+In September 2020 Martin Huber of elby support stated that "there are no records or even traces of the source code left on our end"
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