Elaborate Bytes

Elaborate Bytes consisted in the 1980s of programmers Andreas Hofbauer, Oliver Kastl and Eberhard Hoyer based in Munich, Germany. The company has since re-located to Switzerland, is known as elby and has moved on from Microdrive cloning software to publishing Windows software for cloning DVDs and Blu-Ray disks. In 1987 they are known to have published the following programs for the QL :

  • Elaborate Tools V4 - a selection of tools including a boot file selector and means to clone cartridges/transfer content to floppy disk.
  • QPEDE - a centipede game.
  • MacDis 68008 Disassembler - a machine code disassembler (also included with the Elaborate Tools V4.00, above).

In September 2020 Martin Huber of elby support stated that "there are no records or even traces of the source code left on our end".

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