Eidersoft were a company based in Ockenden, Essex run by Ken Browning, and released quite a lot of games for the Sinclair QL in the mid 1980s and were also notable for being the first company to offer a desktop for launching QL programs (ICE).

The programs they published are:

  • Archiver (Invoicing, mailing, stock control and appointments programs to run within Psion Archive)
  • ArtICE (An icon controlled drawing package for use with ICE)
  • BJ Returns (The platform game sequel to QL Cavern)
  • BJ in 3D Land (The platform game sequel to BJ Returns)
  • CHOice - (multitasking software for use with ICE)
  • Citadel (Fly around multi-screen cities to collect symbols to reunite East and West)
  • Drawing OffICE (An icon controlled 3D image drawing program for use with ICE)
  • Eagle (A scramble clone)
  • ICE (An icon controlled front end for the QL, available with or without Mouse)
  • ICE Toolkit (A toolkit to enable your own programs to communicate with the ICE pointer environment)
  • ICICLE (A utility to allow you to add new icons for your own programs to ICE)
  • Karate (A good arcade implementation of the classic fighting game)
  • Mouseart (An icon controlled drawing package for use with ICE and the mouse)
  • Publishing OffICE (An icon controlled desk-top publishing program for use with ICE)
  • QDUMPS (Machine code screen dump)
  • QLART (A drawing program and character designer)
  • QSPELL (A spelling checker for Quill)
  • Spook (A pacman clone)
  • Zapper (A space invaders type shoot em up)

Unfortunately, although we have now traced the copyright holders for Eidersoft software, after some initial emails, they stopped responding which is a real shame.

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