DJ Toolkit (DJTK)

DJ Toolkit is named after Dilwyn Jones - a prolific author of QL software. It was written by me (Norman Dunbar) when I was a software Author for Dilwyn's company - DJC Dilwyn Jones Computing.

The toolkit is very small and can be linked into QLiberated programs to avoid the user having to load it separately. There are many routines within the toolkit covering many areas of interest :

  • File handling - opening files and directories, reading and setting the file headers etc
  • Memory searches, moves, fills etc
  • System checking - whether an extension exists etc
  • Checking for the Pointer Environment and WMAN
  • Font loading and use
  • etc

Title: DJToolkit
Language: Written in Machine Code
Author: Norman Dunbar
Publisher: Dilwyn Jones Computing
Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs and emulators
Commercial Status: Public Domain
Sources Available from: Dilwyn's web site below, it is included in the zip file
Latest Version (v1.15) available from: Dilwyn Jones Site

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