DiscOVER is a utility designed to allow floppy disks created by other (common at the time) computer systems to be read and written to from a QL. It's spelled like 'discover' but is always written 'DiscOVER', I suppose to emphasise that data on an 'alien' floppy disk can be transferred 'over' to or from a QL! There was also an enhanced version called 'MULTI-DiscOVER'. This is an excerpt of the introduction blub from the user guide, which was included as a Quill document on an original DiscOVER floppy disk with file dates 7/9/1989:

The widespread use of Personal Computers has lead to an ever-increasing problem with transferring data between machines. The most obvious and convenient candidate for such transfers is via Floppy disks. Unfortunately, there are a wide variety of operating systems in use, and an even larger number of variations on disk formats.

The DiscOVER software was developed to help address this problem for users of the QL. Compatible machines such as the various models of Thor are also supported, and all references to the QL apply equally to such machines.

DiscOVER is designed to allow floppy disks in the formats of other machines to be read and written on the QL. There are two versions of the software, the standard version which handles MSDOS and PCDOS formats, and an enhanced version known as MULTI-DiscOVER which also handles CPM, BBC DFS, BBC ADFS and Unix CPIO formats. This manual covers both versions as they have exactly the same User Interface.

The facilities offered by the DiscOVER software can be summarised as follows:

  • Files that are on Floppy disks in a wide variety of formats can be read and copied onto QDOS format media.
  • Files that are on QDOS format media can be copied and written to the same variety of formats.
  • The program will automatically detect whether it is running on 40 track or 80 track drives, and adjust itself accordingly. 40 track discs can be read (and normally written as well) on 80 track drives with no problems.
  • The use of Directories is supported whenever the format in use supports them.

The DiscOVER software can be used in most instances without reference to supporting documentation. For those instances when it is required a comprehensive User Guide (this document) is supplied in the form of a Quill file.

Title: DiscOVER
Author: D J Walker
Publisher: PDQL
Year of Publication: 1988/89
Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs
Commercial Status: Commercial
Price as at 1989: Unknown
Reviews: Unknown
Sources Available from: n/a
Latest Version available from: Unknown

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