Digital Precision Ltd

Digital Precision Limited was a company run by Freddy Vaccha from premises in Chingford, London. According to QL User (September 1985 issue) Digital Precision Ltd was an off-shoot of CP Software. An interview with Freddy Vaccha (then aged just 27) appeared in QL User, June 1985.

They were best known for their large adverts in Sinclair QL World (several pages per issue) and the reputation for good quality software. Although some of their top packages breached the £100 barrier on the QL, with titles such as Perfection and Turbo people clamoured for their latest releases.

They also released a lot of their programs as later upgraded "Special Edition" versions.

The following programs were released by Digital Precision:

3D Precision - A 3D modelling tool
ACT the Adventure Creation Tool - An adventure creation program (created text and graphics adventures)
Better Basic Expert System
Cartridge Media Manager
Desktop Publisher - An earlier version of Professional Publisher
Digital C - An implementation of Small-C
Droidzone - A fast and furious shoot 'em up arcade game
EyeQ - A bitmap graphics program
IDIS - Intelligent disassembler
Lightning - A program to speed up text and graphics on the QL
Media Manager - A program to allow the QL to read disks written in other formats
Microbridge - Version of Bridge for the Sinclair QL
PC Conqueror - A software based MS-DOS emulator
Perfection - A Word Processor
Professional Astrologer - Astrology program
Professional Astronomer - A program to detail the stars and planets
Professional Publisher - A desktop publishing program
QL Super Monitor - A 68000 machine code monitor / disassembler
QMATHS 1 - various mathematical packages - including a 3D modelling program, and a fractal interpreter
QMATHS 2 - further mathematical packages including a fast mandelbrot program and the US version of 3D Terrain
Solution - An earlier MS-DOS emulator
Success CPM Emulator - Run CP/M on your QL
Super Arcadia - Two arcade games - BMX Burner and Grid Racer
Super Astrologer - Astrology program - the forerunner of Professional Astrologer
Super Backgammon - Implementation of the classic board game
SuperBASIC CPort - Program for converting SuperBASIC to C
Supercharge - The first SuperBASIC Compiler
SuperForth - An implementation of the Forth-83 programming language
Super Reversi - A version of Othello written in SuperForth
Super Sprite Generator - A program to create sprites on the QL
The Editor - A fully fledged editor capable of complex functions
Transfer Utility - Program to transfer programs from microdrive to disk
Turbo - The fastest SuperBASIC Compiler produced for the QL

Shortly before they stopped trading, Digital Precision released a set of 10 floppy discs containing almost all their commercial programs. This was named the DP Collection.

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