Design Board

Design Board (and later Design-Board II) was a 3D CAD program from MicrASoft which was limited to mode 4 but contained powerful drawing facilities, including the ability to manipulate elements of a drawing based on point or plane rotation.

The program also included a specially commissioned Eigen screen dump which could print the entire colour range as differential dot patterns vertically in the printer with minimal distortion.

Advertised features included:

  • On-screen X,Y pixel co-ordinates
  • 2 grid overlay options (10x10 and 2x2 pixel)
  • 360 degree on screen graphics and turtle angle indicator
  • 4 sizes of text can be mixed with graphics
  • Continuous line drawing
  • 2 image designers
  • Free hand drawing and painting (3 brush sizes) via Cursor keys
  • Single keystroke commands include: Box - Triang and Triangle - Circle - Move - Line and Dotted-line - Arc - Ink (full colour range) - Fill - Paper - Turnto - Grid - Point - Print-At - Size 0,1,2,3 - Ellipse - Wavey Line image designer - Under - Scroll - Pan - Pentagon - Hexagon - Octagon
  • All images can be drawn to any angle on screen
  • On screen row and column co-ordinates for text, interchangeable for 4 different text sizes, allowing easy design of varied text screens
  • On screen command index and colour-sampler
  • All screens can be saved to microdrive
  • Commands, co-ordinates and image-design procedures listed to printer in QL basic for easy inclusion into own programs
  • Operates in high and low resolution modes
  • No computer or typing skills required to operate

Title: Design Board
Language: Unknown
Author: Unknown
Publisher: MicrASoft
Year of Publication: 1985
Price December 1985: £14.95
Reviews: Unknown
Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs and emulators
Commercial Status: Commercial
Sources Available from: n/a

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