D-Day MKII is a much enhanced version of the original D-Day wargame. At the request of CGH Services and with the consent of the copyright holders, Rich Mellor took on the challenge of correcting some of the SuperBASIC (to eradicate bugs and allow you to finish the game) as well as converting it to run from disk.

The original SuperBASIC code was completely re-written to make it modular (instead of 1000s of lines of GO TOs and GO SUBs); and the speed of game play was radically increased by creating hand written 68000 machine code routines with some help from Steve Sutton to smooth (and speed up) the panning and scrolling of the huge screen; along with compiling the program with the Turbo BASIC Compiler.

As part of this re-write, some additional features planned for the original game were found partly written in the code and implemented, such as the ability to use ships to transport troops and other units across the water.

With numerous updates released over a period of years, D-Day MKII was heralded as a real improvement over the original version, with the following additional features:

  • much improved computer intelligence
  • firing of units now takes into account the terrain a shell is being fired over and the ability to see your enemy
  • the ability to 'hide' units from the enemy inside buildings or under tree cover
  • a choice of playing with between 10 and 50 units each side (or a user defined setup)
  • the ability to play either the computer, or a second player - you can even play by post.
  • the originally planned (but not coded) ships and lorries were implemented, meaning that you could transport troops, units and howitzers around the playing area.

For more details on the game see D-Day

 Screenshot of Sinclair QL D-Day MKII
Title: D-Day MKII
Language: Written in SuperBASIC and compiled with Turbo and some 68000 machine code
Author: Dagenham Design Cell and Rich Mellor
Publisher: CGH Services and RWAP Software
Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs and emulators, although not SMSQ/e compatible
Commercial Status: Commercial
Price as at April 1989: £Unknown
Sources Available from: n/a
Reviews: Sinclair QL World (December 1989)
Latest Version available from: RWAP Software website

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