This RAM expander from Cambridge Systems Technology (CST) adds up to 512K RAM to the QL, using 256K DRAMs for full speed no wait-state operation. It also has a through connector to allow a disc interface to be added.

There are also four EPROM slots near the QL expansion slot, which allow EPROM software to be installed into the card (although the manual states that this only works with JS or MG ROMs - or later).

Interestingly, the through connector is above the RAM card, rather than being tacked on the end as is the case with most QL RAM cards, which allows the total width of the system to be a little less than might otherwise be the case.

The unit is housed in a rugged black metal case and the manual included details of how to get software to run which could not cope with the additional memory x=RESPR(524288).

CST RAM-Plus Card

Title: CST RAM-Plus Interface
Interface Type: Memory expansion
Connection: Sinclair QL Expansion Bus
Through-Connector: YES
Manufacturer: CST
Year First Sold: 1986
Original Price: £139.95
Download Manual: CST RAM-Plus Interface Manual (PDF)
Accompanying Software: NONE

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