Packaging for Sinclair QL Cosmos Inlay for Sinclair QL Cosmos

Cosmos is a simple to use Astronomy program - after you enter the longitude and latitude co-ordinates of your location, a time and date, the program will display a picture of the stars, planets and comets in the sky.

Once the map has been plotted, you can take an even closer look at the moon and planets - providing you with detailed information on stars and planets, together with a diagram of what it would like to the naked eye (or through a telescope). The rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter and the phases of the moon are all correctly shown for the time and date you have specified.

Originally published by Talent Computer Systems in just the SuperBASIC version, it has since been compiled with QLiberator and is now sold under licence by RWAP Software.

Screenshot of Sinclair QL Cosmos
Title: Cosmos
Language: SuperBASIC compiled with QLiberator
Author: G.F. Cornwell - Graphics by Stuart McMeekin
Publisher: Talent Computer Systems and RWAP Software
Year of Publication: 1985
Price as at September 1985: £14.95
Reviews: Unknown
Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs and emulators
Commercial Status: Commercial
Sources Available from: n/a
Latest Version available from: RWAP Software website

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