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 +====== Boot_128K ======
 +This utility allowed you to execute those awkward programs which didn't like running on QLs with more RAM than the standard 128K. The utility would reboot the QL and fool it into thinking it only had 128KB of RAM, this usually allowed those programs to work.
 +Title: **Boot_128K**\\ 
 +Language: Unknown, but most likely 68000 machine code\\ 
 +Author: Unknown\\ 
 +Publisher: [[qlwiki:COMPWARE]]\\ 
 +Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs.\\ 
 +Commercial Status: Commercial\\  
 +Price as at October 1986: £5.99\\
 +Sources Available from: n/a\\ 
 +Reviews: Unknown\\ 
 +Latest Version available from: Unknown
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