Arrakis were a small software company which produced a couple of games for the Sinclair QL in the early days - their games were published by Sinclair Research Ltd.

The programs were written by Steve Hollywood and Ian B Williams, who were in their teens at the time. The name Arrakis was from the film Dune which had been released as a film around that time.

The games were:

  • Orbit (An orbital fighting game with realistic orbital physics)
  • QL Jabber (A platform game)
  • QL Meteor Storm (Based on the classic Asteroids Arcade Game)

A further game, Recconaisance, written by Ian Kennedy, Ian Williams and Steven Hollywood was published in the February 1986 issue of Computer and Video Games

Steven Hollywood & Ian Williams also wrote a machine code routine to play music on the QL which was published in the October 1986 issue of Sinclair QL World.

Steve also believes that there were a couple of other articles, including, a basic version of something like the Atari missile command and a series of several articles that programmed a space invader type game in 68K assembler. This latter has been confirmed as being Paladin available on the Sinclair QL Homepage

Ian Williams and Steven also wrote some articles for another magazine but tended to focus on QL World / QL User.

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