Archivist was published by Ark Distribution and written to work with the Archive Run Time Package (ArchDEVArchRTM). It provides an easy to use interface for maintaining archive records.

It was produced in three versions, the standard Archivist for a 128K QL, Multi-File Archivist for a QL with at least 256K memory and a version for the ICL One Per Desk computer.

Advertised features of Multi-File Archivist included:

  • Multiple file capability allows up to 20 database files to be open at one time
  • Maximum of 200,000 unordered records (over 100,000 accessible with Trump Card)
  • Programmable using Archdev and Xchange's Archive. Archive dbf/exp/scn file compatible.
  • Control file option can set up a complete multi file system with a few keypresses
  • Control files can automatically copy screens and database to RAM disk before use
  • Searches can be undertaken seamlessly throughout all open files
  • Browse through your records 20 at a time specifying a primary 'browse field'
  • Your own custom Archdev programs can be merged into the main system at run time
  • Switching between any of the open files is easy with a few interactive keypresses
  • Database record customization achieved simply and flexibly through screen design

Title: Archivist
Language: ArchDEVArchRTM
Author: Richard Howe
Publisher: Ark Distribution
Year of Publication: Unknown
Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs and emulators
Commercial Status: Commercial
Price as at July 1988: £29.95 (128K version), £39.95 (256K version) and £59.95 (OPD version)
Reviews: Unknown
Sources Available from: n/a
Latest Version available from: Unknown - missing in action

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