Archive Master

The only details we have of this book is the listing in the RMG Enterprises catalogue

The reference to Archive Master is just an announcement of the planned release, so we do not know if this was ever published.

Archive Master delves into how to program Archive, with over 100 tester procedures listed, and many tips and tricks.

Complete procedures were included to enable you to set up the following:

  • An inventory program
  • A customer & supplier file
  • An Accounts receivable/Invoicing program
  • A complete mail list management program

Tricks included details on how to insert a new field into an existing file without losing the data, how to print messages to the screen without existing the SCREEN mode and detailed applications and explanations of all the QL Archive commands and functions.

The book was to be provided in loose leaf format in a three ring binder.

Title: Archive Master
Author: Executive Workshop
Publisher: RMG Enterprises
Year of Publication: Unknown
Commercial Status: Commercial
Price as at December 1986: $44.95 USD
Reviews: Unknown

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