Adventure Playtime

A traditional text adventure with a large dollop of humour written by Alan Pemberton.

The synopsis:

My imaginary world has recently been plagued by a band of hapless characters who are having great problems in completing their respective quests and tasks.
Their anguish has caused me many sleepless nights, until I have come to the point where I need someone to enter that world and restore some sort of sanity.
You may struggle to complete this task, so, should you begin to lose heart, take strength from the knowledge that you will be rewarded by the most magnificent endgame I can muster.

Screenshot of Sinclair QL Adventure Playtime by CGH Services
Title: Adventure Playtime
Language: SuperBASIC compiled with QLiberator
Author: Alan Pemberton
Publisher: CGH Services
Year of Publication: 1987
Price as at June 1988: Unknown
Reviews: QL Adventurers Forum 3
Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs and Compatibles
Commercial Status: Public Domain
Sources Available from: Unknown
Latest version available from: Download Adventure Playtime

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