ACT - the Adventure Creation Tool

Starting menu screen

A.C.T (otherwise known as the Adventure Creation Tool) was initially published under the name A.P.T. (Adventure Programming Tool) by Shadow Games.

The author, Steve Sutton, then struck a new deal and it was re-released as A.C.T. and published by Digital Precision.

ACT is a modular based program that combines a number of small packages that combine to create graphical text adventures. Modules included a sound and graphics designer.

The program was advertised in QL World August 1988 with the following information:

"The Adventure Creation Tool enables the user - who need not know how to program - to create the most amazing adventures, with text, pictures and animation. A disk drive is needed".

There still remains a lot of interest in this package, and we would love to contact Steve Sutton to get it re-released.

ACT generates stand-alone executable programs, which contains the complete generated adventure, including graphics.

As an interest aspect, ACT is able to generate code which can display Mode 8 and Mode 4 in the same time on the screen, the upper half in Mode 4, the lower half in Mode 8, all done in machine code. This may show, what is possible with the QL.

Title: Adventure Creation Toolkit
Language: 68000 machine code
Author: Steve Sutton
Publisher: Shadow Games and then Digital Precision Ltd
Year of Publication: 1987
Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs and emulators
Commercial Status: Commercial
Price in September 1988: £49.95
Reviews: QL World August 1987
Sources Available from: n/a

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