Abersoft's Logo Abersoft were a small software house based in Dyfed, which produced versions of Colossal Cave for the Sinclair ZX81, Sinclair ZX Spectrum ("Adventure 1") and Commodore C64 ("Classic Adventure"); as well as publishing some arcade games for the ZX81 and Spectrum.

Abersoft also produced two programs for the Sinclair QL and later appear to have become an incorporated company (Abersoft Limited). The two programs were both implementations of text adventures and were both published by Sinclair Research Ltd: Both programs were written in C using the MetaComCo package. Interesting to see, there is no protection of the BOOT program, as is seen in other packages released by Sinclair Research Ltd.

The Adventure - based on the Crowther and Woods Original
Mordons Quest - a sequel to The Adventure

Interestingly, there was an Abersoft Limited still trading from Aberystwyth as recently as 2009/10 - however, that company was only set up in 1991, so it is unknown whether there is any link between these two companies (there are no entries on Companies House for any other Abersoft Limited).

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