Text Adventures

The following Adventure games were available for the Sinclair QL and can often be found second hand. Some are still available to purchase new from RWAP Software and other websites.

It is also worth checking out the collection of adventures avaiable from the Sinclair QL Homepage as many former commercial titles have been released as freeware by the copyright owners.

Adventure Playtime - Text adventure where you need to help various people achieve their goals and quests
Anelpum Quat - Text adventure based inside the Sinclair QL (MISSING IN ACTION)
Aquanaut 471 - A text adventure based under the sea with graphics for locations and mini arcade games.

Blag2 (text adventure where you are a policeman solving a crime)

Damien - An early adventure where you had to kill the anti-Christ (MISSING IN ACTION)
Dark Side of the Moon - Your mission here is to recapture a moonbase and mineral mine.
Dennis the Dwarf at the Funfear - A text adventure where you have to help various characters at the local funfair.
Dreamlands - An excellent text adventure by Jean-Yves Rouffiac

Elfin Way - Adventure where you have to survive as an Elf (MISSING IN ACTION)
Executive Adventure - Work your way up from being a tramp to a high-flying Executive

Fantasia Adventure - Text adventure based amongst ancient cities, cave systems and harsh deserts
From the Tower of Valagon - Text adventure where you have to defeat the evil Valagon


Here We Go - Text adventure based around a football game
Horrorday - Comic adventure based on the best tradition of hammer horror movies.

Lost Kingdom of Zkul - A realtime classic dungeons and dragons type adventure.

MacSporrans Lament (text adventure)
Mines of BabNogl (text adventure) (MISSING IN ACTION)
Mordons Quest - Text adventure sequel to The Adventure.

Nemesis - Text adventure where you head off in search of the most dangerous man in the galaxy, Nemesis

QL Adventure
QL Pawn - Famous text adventure by Magnetic Scrolls.
Quest for the Dragon Sword - Humurous text adventure by Byteback

Return to Eden - Text and Graphics adventure, which fills 3 disks - released before the Level 9 Adventure of the same name.

Sheriff of Grisly Gulch - Text adventure based in the old west
Space Trek - Adventure based on the classic TV programme (MISSING IN ACTION)
Spy A QL Adventure - Adventure where you play the role of a spy on a mission to infiltrate a foreign spy centre
Stranded - Adventure where you need to escape from a hostile planet (MISSING IN ACTION)

The Adventure - Improved implementation of the Crowther and Woods Original.
The Fugitive - Escape from Russia to the British Embassy, before you are tried as a spy!
The Prawn - Spoof text adventure based on QL Pawn.
The QL Epic Adventure - Text adventure with digitised graphics
The Talisman
The Voyage of the Beano - Classic text and graphics adventure set on the high seas
The Wreck - Text and graphics adventure (MISSING IN ACTION)

Uncle Loonies Legacy (text adventure)

West- A realtime text adventure where you play the role of a sheriff.

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